Duck - Princess Tutu





This series is so cute! Everyone always cosplays Tutu, but as I have no grace, I thought I'd be a better match for Duck/Ahiru.


White Shirt - Made from a cheap white V-neck, because I was crunched for time. I chopped off the sleeves and added a wide collar made from white stretch sateen.

Jumper - Made from polyester suiting material, with bias tape trim. I winged it on the pattern, forming the bodice by tracing an underbust vest I have. The skirt is a basic circle skirt. Closes with zipper in the back. I wear two big Leg Avenue petticoats to puff the skirt out.

Jacket - Pattern modified from a crop jacket pattern. I made the puffed shoulder pattern myself, but may order more fabric and redo them to be even puffier. They currently contain handfuls of stuffing to keep them puffed out.

Wig - Bought from The Five Wits at Sakuracon. The stand-up strand is made from a base of craft foam, with floral wire for support. I used clear silicone caulking to glue some wig trimmings onto the craft foam. The braid originally came as a clip-on ponytail. I removed the clip and sewed it to the bottom of the wig.

Shoes - Bought off eBay. The criss-cross straps are made of elastic and glued on with e6000 glue. The shoes are a little too big, so I wear two pairs of socks.

Makeup/Accessories - I wear neutral eyeshadow colors and wing out my eyeliner to match the art style.
The cabochon is cast from epoxy resin, with a pin backing.


InfiniteJester posted on 6 September, 2013 - 08:39
Can't wait to see pictures of this - one of my favourite series!