Ittoki Otoya (Stage costume) - Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

Status :In Progress
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Photo of my wig, not styled yet!

Reference pic 3

Reference pic 2

Reference pic 1



I plan on cosplaying Ittoki Otoya, and try to start a group of Uta no Prince-sama coplayers here in Sweden next year. And he is my favorite character. Me and a friend of min learnt the lyrics to Maji Love 1000% and she might cosplay Syo with me. We want to find the others and make a cosplaysketch where we dance, and perhaps sing, Maji Love 1000%. Totally looking forward to it!!
And hope we can find all the characters we need!!


Jyagaimo posted on 7 November, 2011 - 18:35
AWH YUSS, I bet this will be awesome!

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Wig, pants and boots! (Posted 4th December 2011)

so, I haven't been online lately.. Honestly forgo about this site xD
But now I can tell everyone that I have bougt the wig, bought a pair of pants and found some old boots at home so it' a good start! Hopefully I'll be able to fi the rest soon.ยด
Peace ou!