Sebastian Michaelis (Butler Uniform) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)





Okay, So I'm Sure I'll be Working on This Costume after Doing Crona from Soul Eater, ^_^

I love the Kuroshitsuji First Season, In a while i'll be on to The Second Season, I know a bit about the Second One so I may try a character from that season later. Sebastian's one of my favourte Characters as well as Ciel, Grell and Undertaker I think i'll try those 3 as well but for now i'll do Sebastian :D

I Chose to make it because i've been trying to think of which Kuroshitsuji Character to Cosplay and while searching for a Crona costume, I found a Sebastion one, So Yeah ^-^ I Wonder if any Grells will start stalking lol

it comes down to hard and easy parts which always makes my mind go blank, Um easy i guess shoe's, Hard Part? Um propally the Wig and maybe some of the Butler Suit.

This was kinda hard to write out o.0


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