Lucy Saxon
Doctor Who

Cosplayer: Maraieth

Variant: Red Dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st October 2013: Retiring this costume Sadly having to retire the costume as the dress no longer fits! May make some adjustments to it when I have the time, but for the moment, it's not really wearable for me.

18th March 2012: Nearly finished sewing I have now finished (almost) all of the machine sewing parts of the dress. All I have left to do is sew in a hook and eye (when I find where I put my box of them), sew the straps in place (once I have someone to pin them for me) and hem it (once I have someone to help me pin it at the right length). But I've made much better progress than I thought I would when I started this project.

8th March 2012: Started sewing So today I finished lining the bodice pieces for the dress, and checked it, think it's looking good so far, for my first item of fitted clothing ever... just hope it continues to go this well... Is quite hard to try things on when I'm on my own though (surprisingly enough!)

2nd March 2012: Dress making So, finally managed to find some decent fabric for making the dress - some gorgeous red crepe-backed satin, and the lining. Have had my measurements taken now, so that I can make a start on it. Not had much experience in making fitted clothes, so really hoping to finish this in time for MCM expo in May. Looking forward to this once I get everything else I need for the dress at the weekend.