The Doctor
Doctor Who

Cosplayer: Maraieth

Variant: Tenth

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th November 2013: Progress Just attached the sleeves to my coat, and am so pleased with it so far - collar and lapels, and sleeves turned out beautifully, which I'd been worrying about, so lining and buttons. Major buttonhole practicing needed, as I do not intend to let all my hard work go to waste by ruining them! Aim is to be finished by the 50th anniversary weekend!

17th July 2013: Overcoat So I finally started to make myself an overcoat for this cosplay!
I found a pattern for a single-breasted coat, but which otherwise looked like a pretty good match.
First task, was to adapt the pattern to make it double breasted. After doing this I did a mock up of just down to the waist of the coat to check my alterations. I was pleased with the results, so have now started making the real thing.

Thus far, I have sewed all the long seams of the coat, including putting in the back vent, put in two flapped pockets (having never put in a pocket in my life before!) and done the shoulder seams. As far as I can tell it's a good fit so far!

Fabric is beautiful, and a pleasure to work with! Very soft, but not too slippery!

Next stage is the collar and lapels, which is another first for me, so wish me luck! Then the sleeves, and finally the lining (which when I get to that stage I intend to make another adaptation for, to add an inside pocket, both for accuracy and because it's useful! :P