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AmeChibi 2015

I wish...




Well, Amechibi has been and gone, and it was with a heavy heart that I finally decided that it was time to retire this cosplay. For one thing, I'm now getting much more well-known for my Mr. Satan cosplay, and so I feel it only right to shape my page around him, particularly as Satan's the one who has taken the most work of my "redoable" cosplays. Most work overall hands down goes to Kinkotsuman...

As can be seen in the pictures from Amechibi... Yeah... There's no tiptoeing around it. Dan got fat. Like. Real fat. As in so fat that there was no way the pink gi trousers (which had also seemed to shrink in the wash, as well, anyway) were gonna fit, so I had to go with my trousers and make more of a "track and field" style Dan thing work. That was pretty much the final straw for me and I decided that I simply had to retire Dan, with one of the pieces of the outfit no longer fitting in any way.

I may bring Dan back, as I've always loved cosplaying Dan ever since I started doing so. It started my annual tradition at cons (broken up by the lack of a con in 2014 and there being no Street Fighter at Amechibi) of playing Street Fighter in the video games room (or any other fighting game with Dan in it), as Dan and... Uh... As Dan. I believe it was actually one of the first cosplays, if not THE first, that got people to want to take pictures of me because they knew who I was. It started off my running theme of cosplaying "losers", like Kinkotsuman, Mr. Satan and so on. So I owe a lot to the master of the Mightiest Style.

However, for now, I doff the pink gi for the last time, as I have since torn it up. This was actually easier than expected, since I already had torn it up for the authentic Dan feel, and it was starting to show signs of its age, with holes, etc. If I do bring the ol' boy back, it'll be a remake from scratch, with only things like props still left over. So, to you, Dan, I give you one last "Yahoooo!" as you go to meet your Oyajiiiii in the heavens, and maybe one day, we'll Gadouken again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Details of Cost:

Sparring gloves - £2.99 + £1.50 shipping (£4.49)
White Gi - £9.95 + £6.50 shipping (£16.45)
Pink fabric dye for the gi - £5.49
White Socks - Already had (thank-you P.E. uniform)
Gadouken - Priceless (no, really, it was priceless; I simply made it, spur of the moment, when I was clearing some boxes I had away, and found some green crepe paper from a CDJapan order)
Telling mother that I was using the washing machine to dye something flamingo pink - Dignity

I ended up choosing to make this costume, because I was wanting to make a new costume for Ayacon. I was originally to do not DAN, but BAN (from GetBackers), but then I found out who one of the guests for Ayacon was gonna be. Matt Mercer. All-round awesome guy, voice of Fei-Long, but more importantly for me, played Dan in the Street Fighter High Musical video. So I decided out of nowhere "MUST. DO. DAN!"

The hardest part about doing Dan was probably doing the kanji for his gi. For the kanji on the gi, it was spray-paint. The back was perfecetly fine, as I could an outline for the kanji big enough, on the back, with the tape. However, it was harder to do the more complex and smaller kanji on the front of the gi, as the spray paint would peel the tape off, making some smudging and running. The kanji for his gloves was time consuming too.

Compared to that, snipping the sleeves off and dyeing the gi was a piece of the proverbial.

Wearing it was fun. Even if I didn't get recognised that much, I got to go about being all boastful and Dan-ish. And it was cool as anything, lots of breeze flying to it. A lot better than some of my other cosplays at Ayacon.

One problem is that I'd have liked to have had longer hair in time, to actually do the hair properly, i.e. have a ponytail.


Greenstar88 posted on 10 April, 2013 - 21:29
Great cosplay! I always love to see this costume, haha.

adamphillip posted on 10 September, 2013 - 11:17
really cool

Mothfox posted on 22 September, 2013 - 16:45
really love this one! who dosent like the taunting of a dan hibiki!

brigade-chief posted on 21 May, 2014 - 18:50
This is so cool! Love it :)