Yoko Littner (jacket ony) - Gurren Lagann





I can't even begin to consider cosplaying Yoko, however while rewatching some of the episodes I decided I could at least make her jacket and proceeded to spend a while flipping back and forth trying to work out my references before skipping into town to pick up fabric. When I get an idea like this it's useless to try and stop me doing it any time but right this instant.

Ordinarily and if it had been in stock I would have used PVC of some sort in appropriate colours, but it wasn't so I spent a further half an hour burried under rolls of fabric trying to decide on a suitable jacket-like and wearable alternative.

The base is a reasonably heavy duty polycotton and the designs are going to be appliqued and done in a really smooth fabric I've totally forgotten the name of, but it was pretty and the right colour so I ran with it.

So, yes, mostly just a fun little project because I love the series but cannot think of anyone I would be able to cosplay from it. And I love that jacket.


Finished as good as it'll get for the moment, I may go back and tidy it up at a later date, but right now my fingers hurt. Also, applique is the bane of my life, why did I decide to do it?

I like the back much more than the front.


Puppykitten14 posted on 7 September, 2011 - 21:05
Looks awesome!! :3

j_mercuryuk posted on 7 September, 2011 - 22:04
It looks so cool :D I'm lovin' it. The applique may be the bane of your life, but it looks so smooth and good.

Pandora-Chi posted on 7 September, 2011 - 22:43
The jacket looks great!! Well worth the time and pain my dear ^_~