Carson Beckett (Season 1) - Stargate






This is a jacket i'm hoping to do after my BDU's. This will be the toughest costume to make for me as i need to customize the jacket and cut it hear and there. Modify it(that's the word!!)

Probably going to be a while until i actully start this.But it's what i'd like to do.

Let you know when i start it someday. lol

Still nothing yet on this one =[


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Progress Journal

17th July 2009

It's possiable the Jacket is a GO!!

Yes it is possiable that i maybe getting a Stargate Atlantis Jacket. I won't be making it as i am not that skillful when it comes to making/sewing things,so i will be getting someone else to make it as i have found a seller on Ebay that makes them.

So i am trying not to get excited to much about it but i can't help it i just want leap in the air and scream "WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!" lol.

Hopefully the Jacket will be a GO!!