Sheppard shirt (season 4) - Stargate




Ok the costume i'm going to be making is John Shepards BDU's. Well only the shirt at the moment as it's sort of short notice and it's the easiest Atlantis costume to make. I have the patches and shirt just waiting for them to arrive then it's just a matter of getting some velcro and putting the patches on. How simple is that.

There is a slight diffrence to it and that is the country flag. Instead of an Americain flag i have a Scotland flag.The reason is because Carson Beckett played by the one and only Paul McGillion (My Hero <3) is my favorite character.Beckett doesn't wear the BDU's only Shep. Like i said it was short notice and i haven't got alot of time til the convention.And it's the easiest costume to do.

Hope to add more to my costume making it a full costume.

I'll keep you posted and i'll take some pictures when it's done. ^_^


Hannah-Kiwii posted on 26 August, 2009 - 07:59
The shirt and the vest look brilliant. Simple, but effective. Keep up the good work on these costumes, they look great.

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Progress Journal

19th September 2008

Huzzah i have everything

Yay..let the sewing begin

14th September 2008

Waiting.... *checks watch*

So i have ordered my shirt and patches and am currently waiting for them to arrive. They should arrive early next week (hopefully tomorrow).