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i had got so far throught doing kou's rei costume when my mum chucked it away because it got left on the floor by my sister. oh well it needed work on it anyway

since i got back in to monochome factor again reacently i hope to remake this costume again and finish it this time
i dont have any plans on taking this to ame so i might get it done for may expo


Lira-247 posted on 4 March, 2009 - 13:51
Oh Wow! Its looking really good. I can't to see it all <3

Progress Journal

rei kou (Posted 1st March 2009)

when i have more money i might redo this costumefrom scratch but its it wat i have so far i would have trousess but i dont know wher they have been put
i have to put a new zip down the frount becase i aciedently cut it
i sitll dont know how i am going to do the claws/gloves yet
i like that all the zips have to go on upsidedown