Balfear - FFXII


AmeCon 2006




Joe's masquerade costume for Ame 2006, to go with my Fran. I've still not played the game, but I'm certain he's going to be my favourite charecter.

The main work was done on the waistcoat. I also made the longsleeved top with the turtle neck and edge it with lace. The cuffs have patterned cotton sewn on the inside. The trousers are pvc and purchased, but I added a design with leatherette, unfortunately it doesn't show very well. That was mostly sewn in the car on the way to work :)

The waistcoat is made of a heavy black fabric that I got for cheap when it was water damaged in a flood. The design is made with blackout fabric and the edges are done in leatherette, all painted gold. The first step was to map out the area required for one side, and draw on each piece required from an art book. These were then cut out, and mirrored so I would have two identical sides. The pieces were then laid out on the waistcoat and photographed, so I could lay them out again in the same way easily. Next, every piece had to be painted, then replaced and stuck in position with fabric glue. Finally, all the pieces were stitched in place with nylon thread.


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