Seiichiro Sano (end of series robes) - Law of Ueki


Ayacon 2011




Law of Ueki is a sadly underappreciated series from around 2005 - I caught one of the mid to late eps while over in Japan summer 05, thought it looked intriguing and then promptly forgot about it for about 6 years - fast forward to a couple months ago and me and Lulu Rose marathoned it in a couple weeks after it turned out to be amusing and awesome with sufficient weirdness to make it stand out some more!

Basic gyst of the show? Three races - humans on normal earth, heavenly beings in the heaven realm and demons in the demon realm. Kami decides he's had enough of being the almighty and chooses 100 heavenly beings to be 'God candidates' and go & find a high school student and grant them 1 power from their own pools of abilities and then engage in a knockout tournament with the winning kids God Candidate becoming the enxt kami. Cue some very very weird abilities (all with odd limits to how they work) and fights and some interesting designs and personalities.

My personal favourite is Sano, a brash loyal loud mouth who creates and adapts battle plans/strategies on the fly and also has a huge obsession with hot springs. His ability? To turn cloth to steel as long as he's holding his breath. =P

This year full time work plus 20-30 hours study a week led to no time to make things much fail. So this one, like Venus made entirely by Lulu Rose!

Will get a rewear at Kitacon, need to remember to bring things to do his 1/3 face burn scar with and make some kind of prop(s)!


WarpFly posted on 4 September, 2011 - 04:04
AWESOME! I love Law of Ueki! *O**O**O**O*

Lulu Rose posted on 4 September, 2011 - 12:36
This was the neatest zip I've EVER sewn into something! I'm so damn proud of that zip!