Matt (Fan-art Colour-scheme) - Death Note





Although he only appears very briefly in the manga and even less in the anime I thought that it would be fun to cosplay as Matt as well. His outfit design is really distinctive and has some nice details to it, so it's actually one of my favourite outfits in Death Note.

I've chosen to use the fans' choice of colour-scheme for this cosplay as I always got the impression that his shirt stripes were black and white from the manga. I was kinda surprised that the anime chose black and red instead and I don't think that it looked as nice. I wasn't surprised that his hair was brown instead of red, but I think that the red hair makes his character design more memorable and also makes him look less similar to Light, so I've chosen to go with that as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to bring a DS as a prop and I will re-use the prop gun I had for Mello.

I'm planning to do this cosplay sometime this year.


Ichigo-Chan posted on 13 March, 2009 - 21:19
If you want you can borrow my DS for this cosplay, but it has an FF design on the cover. Let's just say Matt is a MASSIVE FF fan ^_^

Tsuchinoko posted on 14 March, 2009 - 15:21
lol Yes, we already decided that Matt is a Final Fantasy fan didn't we? Arigato ^_^

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