Tokyia (Maji Love 1000% outfit) - Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%


Kitacon 2014


Are you ready?

Staley-Stuff posted on 26 September, 2012 - 22:02
I just finished this series today, I loved it! I'm making up a Haruka cosplay, seriously considering swapping my Yuna idea for Gemucon and wearing her instead. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

WhiteWraith posted on 27 September, 2012 - 01:01
It's great isn't it? Oh wow, you're going to Gemucon? Hmm well I may be tempted to drop one of my other Gemucon cosplays and come as Tokiya instead! I look forward to seeing you costume! Thanks :D

Staley-Stuff posted on 27 September, 2012 - 17:50
See you there :D

UchihaMonster posted on 2 March, 2013 - 23:26
I can't wait to see this! :D I love UtaPri. :)

WhiteWraith posted on 3 March, 2013 - 17:33
Thankyou, hopefully will get it done soon! Same, such a good series, I'm looking forward to the second season!

KiraraYumi posted on 2 May, 2013 - 12:24
Cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to seeing this! *u*

WhiteWraith posted on 2 May, 2013 - 17:46
Hoping to get it done for Oct Expo :)

Staley-Stuff posted on 13 June, 2013 - 07:31
Considering going to expo this October too (never been before...) Hopefully see you there, love seeing Utapiri cosplayers :D

WhiteWraith posted on 13 June, 2013 - 19:43
I've only ever been to May Expo twice but I enjoy it :) We have a bit of a group going on the Sunday, think there's about 8ish people :3

MADALEENA posted on 29 September, 2013 - 00:39
woooooo , a sunday group bummer im going on the first day as ringo *crys* I wont see you guys.

WhiteWraith posted on 29 September, 2013 - 11:03
Do love Ringo :D I'm not doing this to October any more unfortunately :/

Neverforever posted on 5 February, 2014 - 18:12
Ah I didn't no you was doing Tokyia to Kita~ Definitely need to see this ^^

WhiteWraith posted on 5 February, 2014 - 19:11
Last minute plan! I'll be wearing it Sat after the masq! Thanks hon ^^ Your Tokiya was so good!

Pandora-Chi posted on 6 April, 2014 - 16:03
U made a really great Tokiya and hope I get more photos with you again as Otoya <3

KiraraYumi posted on 11 April, 2014 - 15:32
Such an awesome Tokiya <3 So glad we got to cosplay this finally aaaah 8D

WhiteWraith posted on 19 April, 2014 - 18:39
@Pandora-chi - thankyou! You were great as Otoya! I hope so! I'm always up for re-wearing this or making more of Tokiya's outfits! @kirarayumi- me too! It took us a while but finally cosplayed it! Best Sho <3

19th February 2014

Nearing completion

Just got to make the arm ribbon things and the ones for his leg and then I'm done :)

6th February 2014


Base jacket complete, just need to add extra detail, fur and gems etc. Customised a t-shirt and cut in a v-neck. Not much left to do now :)

2nd February 2014

Jacket progress

The jacket is mostly made thanks to infinitejester helping me to make it (many hugs for her!). I just have to take it up at the bottom and shape it and cut the sleeves to the right length and the base is pretty much done. Then I can add the fur and find some jewels to decorate the lapels :) shouldn't take me much longer to finish this costume hopefully!

29th January 2014


Bought a t-shirt to customise. Hoping to get lots of this done over the weekend.

12th January 2014


Bought some white fabric for his blazer and some blue cotton for the lining. I managed to buy some fur for a decent price and I got the scarf for his waist. Once I'e got another costume out of the way, I can crack on with this one and hopefully shouldn't take me too long to finish!

28th December 2013


After having this wig for AGES and having half his costume done, decided to do this for kita :) Just need to sort the top half of the outfit out and find the accessories so hopefully won't take too much!

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