Ichinose Tokiya (Stage) - Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%


I got linked to the opening by Izzy (Om_nom_nom), I actually loved it to pieces and just had to watch it. The series itself was pretty cliche but the voice acting and songs are amazing. I think I purely watched it for the songs as there was pretty much a new character song in each episode! When I first saw the concert scene, Tokiya's outfit was definitely my favourite. While he isn't my favourite character he is still likeable and still has my favourite outfit, blue and purple, my two favourite colours!

Very relaxing cosplay for me, only thing I hand made from scratch was the jacket, everything else was modified.

For the jacket I ripped apart my old school blazer to use as a pattern, I'm not too comfortable with collars so thought this would be easier than drafting a pattern myself. Had to alter it to make the collar longer and bigger but otherwise the rest of the pattern was pretty similar. Changed the shape of the bottom of the bottom as well to look more like in the reference.

The jacket is made from polycotton drill fully lined with cotton to give it its weight. The detailing on the back was sewn on before sewing the lining together so that on the inside you can't see the stitching. The fur collar was made by cutting it into strips first then cutting and trimming it by eye and sewing it together. Then to attach it I used invisible thread as I wanted it to look as neat as possible inside and out. If I can think of a better method then I can easily unpick it and redo it but for now it's fine.

The black shirt was originally a large black t-shirt. I took apart one of the sleeves and cut up a pair of stretchy trousers which I use to wear as a kid for the 3/4 sleeve, I also extended it a bit for the criss cross pattern. I decided to sew the criss cross pattern down so that it doesn't shift. I may change this one day as it's pretty thick and not sure if I like it, but I strongly dislike the use of ribbon as it clearly looks matte so if I do change it, it'll be plain cotton.
I didn't make the front accurate because I didn't fancy open chest binding and my binder comes up too high. So I just altered it to a V-neck. When I can be bothered to open chest bind or buy some skin coloured fabric to wear as an undershirt then I'll make it more accurate.

All the scarfs were made from pashmina scarves cut up which apparently is made from viscose.

The jeans I bought from eBay long ago for another cosplay which I decided not to do in the end, they've been sitting in my closet for years now so I guess it's finally time to use them! As I was wearing them I marked out where the detailing should go then stitched it on at the sides, didn't want to sew all of it on so that I could give it some give.

Bracelet was bought from eBay.
Fingerless glove was from Primark.
Boots I already had, originally from www.pricelessshoes.co.uk
One day I'd like a pair of boots without a massive heel, but due to lack of money I couldn't get any. Didn't fancy making boot covers because I want knee high boots with no heel anyway.

Little cutting was involved for the wig, it was mainly the fringe and bangs that involved a bit of trimming but otherwise it was already quite nicely layered. I just added volume by backcombing the underside of each layer and fluffing it up. Then I gave it one last bit of hairspray by flipping the wig upside down and giving it a gentle spray then using my hands whilst it was still drying to get it neater.

Overall quite a comfy costume, the boots are a killer though but I always knew they would be, just have to sit down every now and then! At least they give me the height bonus which I need.

Singing and dancing the opening... Shouldn't be as fun as I find it...

Anonymous posted on 4 September, 2011 - 22:22
this will be so awesome and hott xDD

Om_nom_nom posted on 13 September, 2011 - 15:21
I'm cringing. I'M CRINGING DEEPLY INSIDE MY SOUL. I think its starting to evaporate. What, what is this even- IDEK. I shall learn the sax, sax is sexy. ALWAYS <3

Jyagaimo posted on 7 November, 2011 - 17:35
ohmygod ;a; this will be amazing

Kittz posted on 31 December, 2011 - 01:24
<3333 When would you be doing this *A* In October Expo 2012 We have a full group~ I'll be doing Shou's Maji 1000% outfit~~ Though I'd be doing his winter uniform for Midlands (Maybe his Maji 1000% if I have time) And maybe for Saturday Hyper Japan ^^

Kittz posted on 1 January, 2012 - 20:31
I'm actually not sure XDD I don't think we have a Ringo (Yess he's amazing >3>) You can be our teacher XDD but having doubles is cool too *u*~ I'm trying to see if we can switch days with my friend so that I'll do Shou on the sunday too as I know that a couple of my friends might also be doing Utapri but their uniforms~ But on the sunday I'd be doing Psyche (Durarara). Ohhh You're doing Sheryl *A* So prettyyyyy, I think you'll do amazingly as her!

Ino posted on 5 April, 2012 - 22:53
Oh how brilliant! I'll definately look out for you at Kita. I'm a new fan of this series but I love it so much! XDD

sarmander posted on 6 April, 2012 - 00:16
SQUEAL!! Will look out for you at Kitacon~ Such a shame my team won't have our UtaPri gear ready for then. T_T SOME DAY! *shakes fist st the world* Seriously though, can't wait to see you~

Pandora-Chi posted on 6 April, 2012 - 14:35
I always love reading your journal entries cos they always make me laugh XD I just love the fact how you're finding it impossible to get anything 'manly' for this dude lol I so cannot wait to see this at Kita!! You'll look awesome <3

Om_nom_nom posted on 11 April, 2012 - 12:41
I'm crying inside Fip. BUCKETS OF TEARS. <3<3

Jyagaimo posted on 24 April, 2012 - 03:05
FFFF ;A; ohman I'm that Emma ;__; it was wonderful seeing Uta no cosplays at kita! Your Tokiya was amazing js!

Knee high boots
Detail on jacket
Buy/Style wig
Black top
White jacket
White jeans
Detail on trousers
2m blue cotton
Long black fur
Blue wig
1m white polyester cotton drill
2 x purple pasmina scarfs
Studded bracelet

Total cost: £0.00

12th April 2012

I'm done!

I made the wrist scarf out of leftover pashmina from the neck scarf. I try to follow the outfit as close to the original anime as possible but due to the lighting of the scene, it's impossibly hard to decipher whether it's dark blue or black! So I went with dark blue because the fabric just flows better. Made the black bands on his trousers too which makes me done! With plenty of time to spare, no late nights costume making for once. I can't remember a convention or Expo where I've had nothing to do... Time Taken: 1hr No pictures as I can't be bothered to change into the costume and take a picture.

11th April 2012

Costume test

Can't style a wig and not try it on! I looked stupid in my normal clothes though, so I put on the costume (with a half pinned black top...) and thought I'd take a picture! The comment about lack of make up in the previous journal entry was referring to this picture, woops...

11th April 2012

Styled wig 2

First attempt of wig styling was alright, flicks were in the right place but it was very flat. Because of my big head it just looked wrong, so I added some unnecessary volume to it by back combing it like mad, it's actually pretty rock solid, as proven when I accidentally dropped it and the poof still remained, even I gave it the wtf look XD It's a bit poofier than in the anime but it suits my face much better! And yes, it is suppose to be a bit uneven. The left side is poofier than the right because that's how I interpreted the artwork. He has weird hair... Excuse lack of make up as well, on the day I shall smother my face in bronzer and eyeliner to make myself look just slightly more masculine D: Time Taken: 20mins And now my room smells of Got 2B Glued, damn you lack of ventilation!

10th April 2012

Jacket 100%

Yaaay, fully lined (badly) with fur trim all sewn on. I couldn't think of a splendid way of attaching the fur trim without making the inside and outside look horrid or by gluing it on, thus making me cringe as I dislike using glue to keep things together these days. So I used invisible thread, which I also dislike doing, but it can be non-permanent without ruining anything and you can't see it unless you shine a torch and look really close. Which I hope people don't do because that's just weird XD I've shortened the front so it's more like in the actual artwork. In the top picture there's a bit of the jacket which didn't get sewn properly when I added the lining but I've fixed that now with just a bit of hand sewing, n00b mistake! Dad came in and wondered why I added the fur trim, told him it's part of the design, he said it looked awful. Couldn't agree more. Really need a lint roller for this costume, alas I don't want to go buy one so just using good ol' blu tac like the good old days when I didn't know these things existed. Black top is in progress, it's actually just an old black top I have. I have a million of these from doing crew work so one being cut up into a fabulous boyband shirt isn't going to do any harm. That or I'll do crew work looking like a fabulous boyband member. Going to use some black stretchy fabric (depends what I have lying around) for the long sleeve, I don't want to cut up my long sleeves shirts, they are so useful for the Winter D: Just the black top to go and the trouser detailing and I am finally done, wahey! Time Taken: 2-3hrs

9th April 2012

Scarves and accessories done!

No pictures sorry, my webcam doesn't seem to work on this laptop anymore (and there is a giant cardboard bow blocking my computer atm... Don't ask XD; ) and too lazy to get my main camera out and pose because it's hard to show what they look like without actually wearing them. Well, they're just normal scarves anyway, everyone knows what they look like! I just wanted to do a test shot of the whole thing so far... I started the black top but only got as far as cutting it, I ran out of black thread whilst fixing up Rise (Persona 4)... More things to buy tomorrow D: But hopefully when I go in town tomorrow it shall be my last trip before Kita as then I can do everything with ease! I was going to start the trouser detailing too but again, no black thread. Will probably measure it out and get it cut out and marked on the trousers ready to sew for tomorrow. I was going to do the scarves for last because quite frankly, sewing pashminas is similar to chiffon, and well, if anyone actually bothers reading my journals I hate chiffon D: Might get to wig styling to past the time away, I'm just doing odd bits and bobs with the machine atm. I feel like I'm nearly done but it's all fiddly bits left... Worse part of cosplay D: Time Taken: 1hr

6th April 2012

Jacket 80%

I'm very nearly done with the jacket. I did a very n00b mistake and didn't buy enough fabric orz... I haven't done that in a long time, kinda sucks D: There's not enough blue fabric for the sleeves and also the back detailing, when I went back to the fabric shop it was closed!! Damn Easter weekend, why you make shops close early!? I decided to sew it altogether regardless though however the white and blue fabric is just pinned together as I can't do anything without the sleeves and without having done the detailing on the back. The black fur is awful, now I know how people with cats sitting on their fabric feels. I need to invest in one of those rolly things that pick up lint and dirt off fabric otherwise it will look like Tokiya got attacked by a black cat XD I'm glad I went with fur though, looks so much nicer than what feathers would have looked like! I feel like a pimp though... The black fur isn't actually sewn on. I just cut out strips of it and placed it there to see what it will eventually look like. No more progress until I can make it back to the fabric shop... Time Taken: 3hrs??

6th April 2012

Jacket 50%

I've actually been doing some work today! I'm being a good girl! The white jacket is all nicely sewn up. I decided not to neaten up the inside seams except for the sleeves because it will all be hidden by lining anyway. Decided to neaten up sleeves because it's the only bit that won't be sewn together to the lining due to the lining being longer. Last picture just shows the fabric I bought~

6th April 2012


Have a picture of the bracelet! Thought I'd take a picture before I forget.

5th April 2012

Jacket 25%

Look look look, progress! Now I know it seems like I haven't done anything at all yet through the lack of journal entries. Because it's completely true XD I've had the fabric since I first put the costume up I think, I just never could be arsed to make the jacket because I hate collars to no end (hence why I make a lot of dresses!) and so prolonged this cosplay purely because of thought of having to make collars. But I really want this done for Kitacon, as it's the only new cosplay I've got planned, and so the collar must be made >( Only the collar in the picture is too small because I used a pattern for once in my life (gasp!! I cut out my old secondary school blazer and altered it... I have two, it's fine, my newer one is still in tact for the memories and badges XD) and forgot that the pattern needed modifying... I feel like such a n00b D: I can't be arsed to change it now though, I'll cut out a new piece tomorrow. I have no white thread (or a limited amount) and left my blue polycotton at Uni so kinda stuck for progress until I have the blue fabric to cut the pieces for the lining. I usually wouldn't line my cosplays and would just make sure the insides are neat, but damn the designs require lining. I'm awful at lining, please do not look inside my jacket XD For the sleeves I made it so that the white sleeves would be exactly the length it is in the artwork and then the blue sleeves will be longer and then roll up on top. Kinda regretting not deciding to just make it all one blazer length and rolling the sleeves up together. Cba to do that now, waste of fabric XD It would look exactly the same, just that one feels more professional than the other option! I need to buy either a feather trim or a fur trim too. I really cannot tell what it is. Tempted to go for long fur if my local fabric shop stocks it in black, either way it's not a very manly trim orz. I bought some fingerless gloves from Primark a while back too, 50p for 2 pairs, wahey! This cosplay is such a budget cosplay... Also got the studded bracelet off eBay. Might work on the black top later, that I do actually have the fabric for, and the right colour thread! Time Taken: 1hr

29th January 2012

Scarf fabrics

Most of the components that I have bought for this cosplay is all girls clothes. This guy is seriously losing man points everytime I go shopping for this guy. Not that he had many man points in the first place. Just to show the colours of the pasminas I bought for the neck and butt scarf. I was originally going to buy georgette because it flows nicely. But it was cheaper to buy pasminas and it has the same drape more or less, and it's much more opaque as well which is a double bonus!! Sorry for lack of progress on this, I didn't want to do a test shot until I at least started the main base of the white jacket but at the moment I have blue thread in my sewing machine for Sheryl so I'm finishing her off first before starting sewing for this one. Plus I don't have the right shade of purple thread, damn... All I have left to buy for this cosplay is black fur (again, losing man points here, or he's just a wannabe pimp XD) and a studded bracelet. Maybe some light blue cotton too but I have polycotton and interfacing so hopefully I can get the same effect with that instead of buying more fabric. I'm trying to keep this as low as possible really as it was originally suppose to be a joke cosplay until it became a massive guilty pleasure XD

21st December 2011

Wig test 1

Do you know how hard it is to style a wig without hairspray!? So damn hard! I decided to just stop cutting and wait til I get back to Uni where my hairspray lies, but I wanted to wear it anyway :'D Styled briefly with a trim and some styling glue. Derpy photo is derpy because I had to button mash my mouse to get it to work, the left click button has been dodgy for months now! Lololol, blue wig on blue chair background, it just doesn't work!

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