Chell - Portal




Oh, I've been thinking with portals alright.

Talk about bring late to the party but having finally played portal 1+2 recently I've fallen in love with them. Why did I not go out of my way to play these games sooner?
Anyway, time that with Kitacon going and inviting Ellan McLain, the voice of GLaDOS as a guest it seems like this is a good a time as any to don an orange boilersuit.

Currently torn between doing portal 1 or 2 versions of Chell at the minute, I am very tempted to make some longfall boots but I also dislike my not-so-slim I should just do the second one and if I don't lose weight claim that I packed on a few pounds in suspension, haha D:

In any case, I'll decide later, I can't wait to make my portal gun.


CyanideCustard posted on 8 February, 2012 - 21:07
looking forward to this~what day? i'm doing wheatley saturday