jyoumon (jyoumon is actually an original character created by scotskunk and has starred in many online comics) - Digimon





Jyoumon was commissioned off me by my close friend scot.

Jyoumon is his own digimon creation,he is a cross between the digidestined joe and his digimon gomamon

Jyoumon (pronounced joemon) was my second ever costume.

Built a long while ago but still loved and worn a lot by scot :)

When scot wears this costume he says its very light and airy and the air circulates through it very easily,he chose the fur himself as jyoumon is an ice sea creature and scot adored the blue shimmer from this faux fur (the quality isn't the best but that what fur he wanted)

Jyoumon has a moving jaw and is extremely responsive,but only when scot wears him oddly.

The hardest part of this whole suit was turning this previously 2d character into 3d


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