Light Yagami
Death Note

Cosplayer: Tsuchinoko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 14th September 2008
Ahh you made a very good Light :D
I was one of the many L's at Amecon (the one with no shoes)

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 15th September 2008
Awww, thanks!

And thanks for coming to the photoshoot.
It was fun, ne?

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 10th March 2014

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 10th March 2014
* turns around *
L - " Hah, you reacted! Just as planned! " >:D
Light - " Aww, crap! " >,<