Moka Akashiya (Human) - Rosario+Vampire


Alcon 2009

Nope... But people seem to love asking for photo's




Well What can I say?
I made this cosplay before I had my trusty sewing machine so everything was hand sewn, I have re-used this cosplay alot as I so love this cosplay I'm quite proud of it really.
The hardest part of this cosplay was the Blazer patterns etc, The easiest part was the skirt very easy to make (the choker, wig socks and shoes were bought)

I decided to cosplay Moka Akashiya (Human) for the first ALcon I went to back in 2009, I loved Rosario+Vampire <3 so I just though oh wow I would love to bounce around biting Tsukune (I will find one!!)


Bangus posted on 30 August, 2011 - 20:25
Hehe Cute :P