Sephiroth (Advent Children ) - Final Fantasy VII




As worn for MCM Expo October 2012 as part of the Final Fantasy Round Up - Dissidia fill in but that's fine!

This costume will remain my cosplay of choice upon request for photoshoots/meets etc but as far as attending cons/ entering Masquerades this Cosplay is retired now.

At least until I can gain the experience needed to improve it from this stage, in my opinion it's come a long way in the four/five years of constant improvements and remakes but as any Sephiroth cosplayer will know; it's never complete!

It's been ages - but fave pics to date now uploaded!

YES I'm planning to bring this out for Distant Worlds in November. Will re-work wig bangs (yet again!) closer to the time!!


jettyguy posted on 2 August, 2012 - 15:29
Amazing Seph cosplay * o *