Claire Redfield
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

Cosplayer: BluePanda

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th February 2012: Embroidery Under estimated how long it would take and ended up still sewing at the expo for 2-3 hours. :|

Aim to revisit the embroidery, with more time and no deadline this time think i can neaten it up. :3

15th February 2012: changes + SO CLOSE!! -Changed the black under shorts, to a thicker fabric.
-Made the bag pouch for the belt.
-Restyling wig Friday as ran out of hair product.
-jacket made from scratch with alot of help from my nan
-new boots, luck struck when i was out shopping with my nan and found the perfect boots in a charity shop for a GREAT price :3
-Turtle neck top, again charity shop- edited.

Im so happy with this cosplay, but unsure how im going to put the design on the back :/

14th February 2012: jacket nearly done!! Jacket is nearly done, sewed pockets on for the first time ever and am sooo proud of this jacket, had help from my nan but none the less i love it. I think all the decorative stitches make it look like denim, which it isn't as it cotton XD

12th February 2012: Major wig issues Totaly restyling my wig :D

5th February 2012: Realization I have actualy got the wrong style top, need a turtle neck.
Not so happy with this cosplay, guess i fancy a detailed cosplay, but money makes it a bit hard. :/

Working on the jacket next week as i have time off, currently in the process of clearing my path of course work in hope of making it to university! So both time and money are a bit difficult.

19th January 2012: WIP: nearly there Just to do the jacket, not happy with my boots: they are cowboy boots but they are dark brown instead of a light brown. Hopeing to get a beter pair by expo, if not they will have to do. :/

21st December 2011: Jacket Going to have to substitute the denim jacket for one made from a different fabric, aiming to keep as much detail as possible. The red/maroon fabric i have chosen is the perfect colour. Also using jean buttons for detail. :D

19th December 2011: Wig + Make Up (In the pic i dont have my wig on: it was to show the make up a bit clearer)

Styled the wig and had to trim it :/
Still love it though.

Make up trial, think its perfect. :D

15th December 2011: Change of plan... the white shorts i was going to dye no longer fit me, i did have them for 2 years..and wore the hell outa them. XD

But i have replacement shorts, which are already the right colour :D
Thinking it may just be easier to buy a black top then dye it...
still looking for a denim jacket also. Hard to find in Winter. :/

12th December 2011: WIG!! I love it!! Going to have to cut some off as i didnt think it would be as long, (such a shame as its such a lovly wig), this is a photo of it unstyled. Just because i havent had a new wig in ages!! :3

Thank you to TrueStormCosplay for this earily christmas present!!

3rd December 2011: Early stages Have to dye the shorts, dye the top, maybe paint the boots (Can you paint plastic/leather cowboy boots?), get some leggings and edit them to knee lengh and get a denim jacket. :D

Oh and canvas belt and gun :3

29th November 2011: GLOVES!! IMAGE OF SEXY GLOVES!!
they may look a bit long finger wize, but they are mens gloves size small.
Hopefully i will have time to wear them in as they are a bit stiff. :D

28th November 2011: PROGRESS!! plan to start puting claire together soon to take a photo, hopeing to buy the dyes i need this week and keep on the hunt for a jenim jacket :D

My wig has arived i got a sneak preview: ITS PERFECT!! And i maybe able to use it for other cosplays as the colour suits some of my planned characters.DOUBLE WIN!

Ordered the gloves :3

21st November 2011: what have i got? I have the shorts and top (t-shirt) that both need to be dyed.
I also have some cowboy boots but mine are darker brown, unsure weather to leave mine as they are or try lightening them with either dye or paint.

*NEW*Ordered the gloves from Ebay
And my Wig is a christmas present from the other members of TrueStormCosplay! <3

808UnknownError avatar

808UnknownError - 29th August 2011
Can't wait to see! The Darkside Chronicles was awesome!

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 29th August 2011
Indeed the game was. :3
Going to the Con/expo with My friend as Jill valentine and my boy friend as Chris Redfield :3

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 29th August 2011
Cant wait! Gonna Be Awesome You'll make an awesome claire!!!

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 30th August 2011
And you shall be an awesome Jill <3

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 29th November 2011
EKKKKKKKK!!! So Excited About this your gonna be awesome as claire ^^ Cus' Your kind and caring but you still kick ass

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 16th December 2011
charity shops are always good for denim jackets or lil oasis or even the market

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 19th December 2011
found a subsitue fabric :D

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 19th December 2011
coolio beansio ^^

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 20th December 2011
kool lol it looks awesome shame u had to cut it thou

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 20th December 2011
Oh.My .God Really cant wait to see you as claire, you suit her perfectly and when youve got the wig on you look just like her it's uncanny, so cant wait to cosplay resident evil with you gonna rule!!!!!!!!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 20th December 2011
looking awsome ^^, you really look like Claire from your progress so far

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 20th December 2011
thank you, :D

Soooo excited about this cosplay :3

Eloraborealis avatar

Eloraborealis - 20th December 2011
Really great job styling the wig, it looks perfect! :D

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 20th December 2011
thanx :D

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 20th December 2011
MY CLAIRE!!!! XD loves yaaaaa xxx hehehehehhehe we're gonna be 2 kickass resi girls fightin zombies for the good of man kind muhahha

Numta avatar

Numta - 21st December 2011
wig and make up test looks good =]

can't wait to see it finished =]

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 21st December 2011
lookin goood!!!

sakura-drops avatar

sakura-drops - 31st December 2011
The wig looks fantastic.

LinkyLex avatar

LinkyLex - 20th January 2012
Ah you look so good in this! :O

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 20th January 2012
You look amazing! You really suit her!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 11th February 2012
You really suite the character!

Can not wait to see you in it!

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 13th February 2012
Looking good sis ^_^ Jackets looking amazing!!!!! You Really suit claire you'll bring her to life!! just like you have all your other cosplays

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 14th February 2012

DarkKasai avatar

DarkKasai - 15th February 2012
It's freakin awesome

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 15th February 2012
wow this looks really good u really suit her

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 16th February 2012!!!!! This is Defo The Best Claire cosplay I've ever seen!!! you've outdone yourself chick cant wait to see it on saturday! which is 2 days away!!!! =D

Dragonkid01 avatar

Dragonkid01 - 19th February 2012
your Claire Redfield is zombietastic ♥

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 20th February 2012
thank you :3

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 20th February 2012
OH MY FUDGE IS CLAIRE REDFI.....WAIT!!! =O sis is that you!!!! :O thought claire had jumped out of the game!! you suit her so well!!! btw i want an opinion do u think i'd suit ada?? after seein tht girl at expo i duno why but i jst thought =O ada's dress is friggin awesome!

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 20th February 2012
thanks sis it felt like i was walking round with the real jill saturday, you honestly suit her character soooo well!! <3

Yeah i think you would suit ada, the dress would look amaazing on you. GO FOR IT!! :D

ZombieNekoNinja avatar

ZombieNekoNinja - 20th February 2012
^_^ look how awesome we be n eeeep i dno why i jst think adas awesome!(not as awesome as claire or jill tho)

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 21st February 2012
omg ur costume was amazing at the expo cant belived u did a all nighter to finish it, i call the dedication

Numta avatar

Numta - 22nd February 2012
you make an awesome Claire!

Great work!

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 22nd February 2012
dan-dan, thank you :3
I guess i didnt want to let my friends down, by only half finishing my cosplay. Im really happy with how things worked out tho, you looked awesome!

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 22nd February 2012
Numta, thank you :3

supremeoutcast avatar

supremeoutcast - 19th March 2012
You make an awesome Claire, nice one!

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 20th July 2012
Probs the best ive seen, very impressed.

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 23rd July 2012
thanx :3