Soul Eater

Cosplayer: ViewtifulD

Variant: Large

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 3rd October 2008
yeah Ragnarok is cool but 1 thing I could never understand is is Chrona or Krona or whatever (the subs were always different) a boy or a girl cause subs kept changing lol

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cowiee - 11th April 2011
Yess! Cannot wait to see this.
@Xauriga - Chrona doesn't really have a gender. So it just goes from a boy or girl. :L

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roguearcanis - 11th April 2011

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ViewtifulD - 12th April 2011
Hehe glad you guys are as pumped as me for this. The guy who made my spiderman suit is working on seeing if he can get it done for expo. it will be SWEEEEEET to have it for then :D Stripey, are you at expo/bringing Chrona? :D

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Refira - 20th May 2011
Yay, Ragnarok! I've not seen him cosplayed before, so this will be interesting. :)
Are you taking this to May Expo? If you do and I see you there I'll have to get some pictures... especially since I'll be cosplaying Chrona. ^^

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roguearcanis - 21st May 2011
Dude, do you have any plans for Ayacon? Because I know Em was thinking of doing Crona (super special awesome plans for this, speak to you online about it mebe?) and I said I'd bring Medusa for her whenever she needed. We're going to talk about it when I see her next week, but would you be up for some Resonating at Ayacon? 8D

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ViewtifulD - 21st May 2011
Once I know my aya plans I can let you know but hell yeaaaah that mite b kool :D I know i was considerplating my MLP for aya but if i make it for a few days, who knows!

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roguearcanis - 21st May 2011
Cool beans ^^ I know how into the bronies you are, so no worries if you're booked up xD Will let you know if we decide to do it, then maybe Al can take pretty pictures for us 8DD

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ViewtifulD - 21st May 2011
Well brony love not withstanding, Ragnarok has been on my want list for a looooooong time...i even deleted him at one point out of sorrow of not bieng able to do him...but now the master Paul is making him for me :D

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cowiee - 25th May 2011
Y-You're gonna be Ragnarok on sunday?! :O :O

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ViewtifulD - 25th May 2011
Ohhhh yes >: D if my suit is done in time (which it should be) Ill be there!

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Eloraborealis - 31st May 2011
I actually LOVE this, pure genius! I wish I could have seen it! XD

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Elyiel - 1st June 2011
Your Ragnarok was awesome!

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ViewtifulD - 1st June 2011
Thanks guys, He was ace to wear, he'll definitely get some more exposure, so long as there are Chrona cosplayers he'll never die!!

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JustPeachy - 14th December 2011
This is awesome! Love it :D

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ViewtifulD - 17th December 2011
Thanks! Your Blair is pretty damn amazing too! always looking for excuses to break him out :D