Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist


Auchinawa 2006 London MCM Expo May 2005

Floor Cosplay Award at Aasoc (Edinburgh Anime Society) Mini-Con 2005


I adapted all of the clothing - I didn't have to make any of it from scratch! The coat was a lucky charity shop find. Adapting it was probably more effort than working from scratch, but at least it was cheaper and probably best for my sewing ability at the time. It involved a lot of hand stitching to sort out the lining, especially for making the slit up the back. It’s unfortunate that it has shiny lining fabric, but I’m very happy with it otherwise. The design on the back is a t-shirt transfer.

The trousers were bought on ebay and the top started out as an ordinary long sleeved t-shirt. I adjusted the collar and removed the left sleeve. The right sleeve remains for wearing the automail over. The black jacket was cut shorter and the front zip removed to leave the open front. The new collar was made from some of the fabric I cut off, and I added white bias tape trim. I found I had to use a double layer of bias tape to stop the block showing through. The buckle is craft foam painted to match the automail, and snaps on – I decided making the circles on it functioning snaps for simplicity.

The belt is an ordinary belt and matching brown leatherette forming the wide section. I finished it off by adding functioning snaps, which was difficult with such thick fabric. My boots are an ordinary lace-up pair with the tongues cut short so they flare open at the tops. The soles are painted red, and the detail is elastic straps and black shower curtain rings glued on. I also lined the visible interior with red felt which I think gives a good effect.

I bought the wig on ebay, I’m pleased I found such a golden/yellow blonde. I cut in the pieces at the front and styled them with hairspray. Since the wig’s layered, braiding it was awkward, but lots of hairspray keeps it in place.

The automail is craft foam. I started with the CosMode pattern scans from Janchan.com. It took a lot of fiddling around for it to fit me, especially considering the difficulties of printing it out on an A4 size printer, and I also adapted some of it to suit my own construction ideas. I then cut the pieces out of foam and hot glued them all together.

I didn’t worry about joints, but made it all separate pieces (upper arm, elbow, lower arm & hand). These slide on over the sleeve I left attached to the top. The hand section is mounted on a separate glove, which has the bonus of making the hand part easily detachable, so I can use my hand properly without having to remove the whole thing.

After coating with several layers of glue (for strength and to create a surface to paint on), I sprayed the foam silver. The rivets/screws are real snaps, but only the top half, which are partly embedded, partly glued into the foam. Parts of the automail which are indented, like the armgrill are just two layers of foam, and some filler to smooth the edges. Any fine detail, since as the large screw at the wrist was pressed in carefully using a ball-point pen.

ryaoki posted on 30 December, 2008 - 22:19
its a shame no one has commented on this as its a fantastic edward, and the automail for craft foam looks fantastic, really shows off what craft foam can do and even tho it was mostly modded clothes, its still a very fantastic coostume and really suits you hun.

Berserk667 posted on 5 October, 2009 - 20:19
nicely done I must say and the work u have done on the auto mail ars looks amazing well done!

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