Kakashi Hatake (School Style) - Naruto


A fortune cookie




This was a last minuet cosplay, with help from puppykitten14 in 3 hours we made the cosplay, i bought the shirt from asda and we used puppykitten14's spare fabric to make the headband, mask and arm sash from. I also borrowed her tie. <3

Wore this to Birmingham Cosplay Meet (27th August 2011)


gbow posted on 27 August, 2011 - 21:48
You make a great Kakashi! :)

DarkKasai posted on 31 August, 2011 - 20:02
Thank you for the comment you make an awesome Sasuke

Puppykitten14 posted on 13 September, 2011 - 23:55
I love your kakashi cosplay <3

DarkKasai posted on 14 September, 2011 - 00:00
i love your sakura it is epic and sexy