Rapunsel (Brown Hair) - Tangled.





Forrrrr the brilliant Liam_Xlr8r , to go with his Flynn cosplay :P Because he asked soooo nicely :P

Hahaaaa can't wait to do thisssss.... the dress is soooo purty and i've already been noticing all the details on it alll the way through watching it for the first time :O


Phoenix Xlr8r posted on 27 August, 2011 - 17:43
Its gonna be AMAAZINGGG!!! xx

xxlilmisssakuraxx posted on 27 August, 2011 - 18:23
haha :P of coursee it will be sugah! Especially after all the effort i'm gonna put into my Rapunsel dress lol. Cuz we can't have a crappy Rapunsel next to Flynn :O Tht'd b disgusting lol xx

Progress Journal

9th September 2011

Plan etc

Right soo... i got bored... so i decided to have a mooch online for a wig for this... and what dya know... first one i find... looks pretty much spot on... cept the fringe is the wrong side... but thats easy to sort lol .

So i've decided... in the interests of being more organised... i'm gonna plan all the actual cosplays better... because then i might not mess up so much :D

So. For the dress.
I'll be starting with the white underskirt, elasticating the waistband so i can get it on easily... and adding the lace on the bottom like Rapunsel's has :) That should be straightforward, i'll be making it so it flows like Rapunsels ... hopefully :P

Then i'll do the base dress... without sleeves or the patterns on... i'll probably make the skirt section then the top ( or other way round) , add any necessary lace and then stitch the two together :P I'll be using buttons to do the dress up, seen as thats how rapunsels dress is depicted to be done up :P
Then i'll be making my own stencils and painting the patterns on the bottom of the dress, and using a slightly different colour purple material for the panel :P

Then once i've done the base dress ( and patterns :O ) i'll do the corset :P i've yet to decide what exactly i'm going to use to lace it up at the front... something pretty tho :D
That'll be so i don't do it too small and can't put it on over the top of the base dress... because that'd be typical of me to manage it somehow LOL

Then i'll be doing the puff sleeves :P I'm going to do them purple... and add the pink strips on after.
then i'll be using a translucent material for the rest of her sleeves, and again painting the patterns on!

This is just a rough plan mind... because i can't be bothered to write about how i'm going to stitch everything and all tht junk lool :D

So yeah/... again... LOOK AT THE PURTY WIG!