Relm Arrowny
Final Fantasy 6

Cosplayer: picklesofdoom

Variant: Amano

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

31st January 2012: PANTALOONS! because everybody loves baggy pants. I've got the base of these done now, using a pattern I had in the house for ages. I've used a ivory satin type material (not quite satin as it has a dull shine. Its quite strong which will fall nicely into shape for baggy pants. It was quite a while since brought it so cannot be sure of the exact material)

The pattern I am using is the Civil War Undergarment pattern from the wonderfully complicated Simplicity brand. Dangnabbt: WHY YOU NO MAKE THINGS SIMPLE?? 3 Pieces I need for my pantaloons and you put each piece on an individual sheet IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATTERN PAPER. Why? What kind of logic is this?

On top of that, 1 piece (the main pantaloons) took up most of one bit of paper BUT it had 2 other pieces on it for other garments you could make with the pattern. The other 2 pieces I had to cut out for the pantaloons were nearly the same size and would have fitted PERFECTLY around the main piece where the other garment pieces were and vice versa. WHY they decided to put them on different bits of paper is beyond me.....

Anyway I digress. All in all, the base pantaloon shape has been cut and now ready to be sewn once I have the overlay pattern cut out. (In the material picture this is the golden organza material with embroidered flowers in it.)

Hopefully these will be complete this week. :)

6th September 2011: Getting started! Mostly brought with help from the lovely Freyarule! Some things I'll have to get later due to lack of cash! But the top and hat I can start working on shortly. Also need to locate the bloomers pattern I had. Found it the other day but TYPICALLY now I want it, I can't find it.

Found some perfect boots on Ebay too! All they need is to be dyed midnight blue round the tan edges and the laces replaced for delicate gold and they'll be fab! Again, once payday arrives! :3

ElegantAura avatar

ElegantAura - 7th December 2011
Relm is soo adorable, amano designs are gorgeous! I just can't wait <3

Sammykins avatar

Sammykins - 8th December 2011
Aww, wow, I love the hair! Its going to be so pretty!