Deneve - Claymore




I re-watched Claymore recently and decided I'd really like to cosplay one of the claymores. I chose Deneve because I like her regeneration abilities and her later double-sword technique. Also, her short hair meant I didn't need to wear a wig for expo this time!
I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out as it's the first time I've made solid armor like this and it was more difficult than expected. As usual a lot of it was pulled together in the last few days before expo. I only wore it on the Saturday in the end as I forgot to bring the glue and couldn't reattach my bracers when they game unglued but I think it was worth the effort.
I will be re-using some of the outfit to cosplay as partially awakened Clare in May. :)


Know posted on 29 August, 2011 - 20:49
das is good well suited to ya so it is

SlimDefinition posted on 12 September, 2011 - 17:14
Looking forward to seeing this. I need to do Galatea and Ophelia at some point!

Carmina posted on 30 September, 2011 - 16:11
I'd love to do a Claymore cosplay at some point, so I'm eager to see how this turns out!

visiting_wizard posted on 1 October, 2011 - 10:30
I'm eager to see how I manage to pull it off too! So much to do and so little time!

Telly posted on 27 October, 2011 - 16:32
Looks very good so far, love the pauldrons!

visiting_wizard posted on 27 October, 2011 - 16:59
Thanks! Figuring out how to fix them too me and still be able to move my arms about was a bit of a challenge! :3

SlimDefinition posted on 1 November, 2011 - 17:04
This is great! Claymore needs more love. I do intend to do Galatea and Ophelia some time, but I still can't say when.

visiting_wizard posted on 1 November, 2011 - 19:07
Thanks! It really does need more love. While I was making this I realized I've never actually seen a Claymore cosplay at expo before! Let me know when your planning to do Galatea or Ophelia and maybe we can arrange a group meet and shoot, since 'carmina' above says she'd like to do a claymore cosplay too. I could wear Deneve again or I was planning to alter bits of it to go as Clare with awakened legs at some point.

SlimDefinition posted on 1 November, 2011 - 19:12
I have seen a Clare once or twice at past expos. One of them was made within a week or two though and of course, didn't have the quality of a costume that's taken more time. It's still very rare though. I can't say when right now, but as and when I'll certainly let you know. :-)

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Progress Journal

27th October 2011


Completing a costume at 6.30 Thursday evening feels a lot nicer than finishing at midday Friday did last time!
Let's just hope the paint on my swords is completely dry by morning or I will not be a happy bunny!

26th October 2011


Damnit we can't find the bloody glue gun anywhere!!!!!!

25th October 2011

Holy miracles batman!

It appears this is actually going to be finished! XD
May take a little longer if I fail to locate the missing glue gun but pretty sure I've got the time to finish of the little pieces left to do now. Pretty damn happy about that!

(...though I am disappointed I have failed to complete my Dazzler cosplay for the second time in a row!)

23rd October 2011

getting there?

I debated for quite a while over how to do the armor since this is only the second time I've made solid pieces. After some helpful advice from people in the forums I ended up with my own bastardized version due to difficulty with finding powdered filler. My pieces have a base of wire and masking tape, a second layer of paper mache applied with a mix of water, pva and pre-mixed filler and a third layer of pva mixed with pre-mixed filler. Then they are sanded, have a final coating of filler and then another sanding to smooth it over! I think if I'd had more time and more filler I would have added another layer as the surface is still not as smooth as I'd like but I didn't and so this will have to do!
Now I'm in the midst of painting with some silver paint I found in a pound shop. Unfortunately it appear to be metal paint and rather toxic smelling! It also says on the pot it takes an hour to dry and is still tacky after being out over night which is a bit worrying as I still want to put a coat of varnish over the top of this before I start fixing attachments.
After all this I still need to finish the collar, the swords and the shirt, and make the cloak! Hope I can get it all done in time!

16th October 2011

time time time

It takes a lot longer to construct the wire and tape bases than I would like! However, I now have the wait pieces, the shoulder plates, chest piece and back piece ready to be plastered over. Now for the bracers and the sword and I can start the next stage of armor making!

10th October 2011

Slow progress is slow

I am not working fast enough I think! However, I now have wire/masking tape bases for the back piece, the first/main tier of the shoulder plates and the chest piece. I still need bases for the bracers, skirt and leg pieces, as well as needing to finish the top and make the cloak.

3rd October 2011

It begins ...finally!

I finally found some suitable wire to begin my armor! Today I spent several hours putting together the initial construction of the sword/cloak holder using wire and then coating in masking tape. Next I will put on a layer or two of plaster, then sand down and paint.
...need to figure out how I'm attaching it to myself before I finish construction however! Not sure what I'm doing about that yet! Needs to not be visible.

12th September 2011


I am very slow and only just now had the realization that using wire as a base framework will probably be more effective than trying to make it out of card. Not sure I have any wire about the house though!
I'm going to try and make the back sword holster, shoulder plates and front joints as four different pieces which hook together before putting on so they are easier to pack in a suitcase. Just need to find my sisters dressmakers doll to work on!

P.s: Why do the contacts have to be £20?!?! Not sure if I'm going to get them or not now.

9th September 2011


Most of the top is done but somehow the sleeves are too narrow even though I used the same pattern I always alter! Damn my incompetence at sewing!
Think this costume is going to take longer than anticipated since I haven't even started the armor or swords. :/

6th September 2011


I cut out the pieces for the top yesterday and am starting sewing it today!
I have the fabric for the cloak too but my main concern now is how I'm going to sort out the armor! I didn't like how the foam I used for Ginchiyo's armor turned out last time as it was too flimsy. Now I'm caught between trying plaster of paris or papier mache layers?
Either may turn out to be too brittle? But I can't afford to buy masses of proper craft foam or that awesome melt and mould stuff either. :(