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Auchinawa 2006


It's a common mistake to assume I like Stellvia since I decided to cosplay from it, but it was more a running joke at anime society because everyone ended up hating the series! Admittedly it probably wasn't as bad as we made it seem, I did enjoy it at first, but the effects of enduring the entire thing led to lasting resentment.

So as well as cosplaying to add further trauma to all those who survived watching the series with me, I do actually like the uniform in a sense. It’s bright, cute, and has some odd quirks like the random tails at the back that I just love. It's also not cosplayed that often, so it was interesting to wear something more unusual, yet still recognisable.

I didn't find great fabric since the choices for orange were very limited. In fact, I only got this stuff by asking at the fabric shop, and they managed to dig a bolt out from the depths of their store room for me. I thus have a more fluorescent look than I'd like...The skirt was nice and simple, and I'm very pleased with how it came out. I went with a circle skirt since it seemed gathered/flouced from the references as opposed to pleated.

The jacket, and everything about it was a real challenge though. It was my first attempt at anything like that, and consequently, it's far from perfect. It was one of the first garments I made from scratch and not really a sensible choice. The puffed sleeves and close-fitting nature of the whole thing was tricky, and then lots of bias tape to deal with. The patches on the sleeves are t-shirt transfers, so at least that was easy. I am proud of managing to produce something half way decent in the end, but I know I could do better now. I don't have much inclination to completely remake the costume though!

I had trouble finding references for the shoes, and when I finally did, I realised my original attempt was inaccurate. The leggings go over the shoes and clip on, so I had to make a new pair, as well as redoing bits of my shoes. My new leggings stay up better, and really do snap on to the shoes. The shoes were old trainers which I sprayed white, and used white fabric to hide where the laces are. I then painted the red detail. The black detail is permanent marker.

For Auchinawa (two years after originally making the costume) I redid a lot of the stitching on the jacket, notably the puffy sleeves, and I also bought extensions for the ponytails and a clip-in fringe so had a more accurate hairstyle. I thoroughly confused people with which parts of my hair were real and which were fake - my own hair was pulled into bunches, and forms the buns. Everything else isn't my hair.

It was interesting returning to the costume - it was the last thing I made using my old sewing machine, when I was just getting into making more of my costumes completely from scratch, so strange to look back on my work from almost two years ago! I also happened to first wear the costume in the same hotel Auchinawa was held in, so it really was like revisiting the past wearing the costume there again.

Even if the costume is a bit shoddy, I wouldn't mind wearing it again (doubt I'd ever bother remaking it nicely though). I do need to do a certain pose in it...

SherlockHulmes posted on 9 November, 2007 - 04:11
Fraaaaaaaaaaan Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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