Alto - Macross Frontier

Status :Complete
Worn At :None


Alto II

Alto Trio III

Alto Trio II

Alto and Ranka III

Alto and Ranka II

Alto and Sheryl III


Alto and Sheryl II

Alto and Sheryl

Alto and Ranka

Alto Trio



This was a bought costume that I got in Japan because a Japanese friend of mine cosplayed Sheryl and we wanted to do a group cosplay with another friend of ours (who is so cute as Ranka!). Sadly my Alto was terrible because I got the wrong wig and then while trying to style it failed horribly. That and I don't look like a guy at ALL (I is no trap). But I can say I've given cross-play a go and cosplay in Japan a go (the way the Japanese cosplay is very different from UK).

Photos by Hitsuji-san


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