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I have always loved Raine ^_^ I have to say my fav girls in TOS are Sheena, Celsius and Raine :) If I can find a Genis that will be a bonus ^^ I would love to get all excited about some random rock and cook burnt toast in a traditional fashion! XD

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Raine Sage, is Genis' older sister and Iselia's schoolteacher. Raine is a calm, pragmatic thinker. For much of the first half of the game, she is the only character who thinks about the long-term consequences of the party's actions. She tends to be mistrustful of others and is the only one to be suspicious of Kratos.

In the past, Raine and Genis were Tethe'allans who were sent to Sylvarant by the use of the Otherworldly Gate, a portal that intertwines the world on the day of the full moon. Because of this, she is fascinated with ruins of any kind because of memories of being abandoned at the Otherworldly Gate. They were sent to Sylvarant by their mother Virginia to escape Tethe'alla's highly discriminatory laws and to keep the child prodigy Raine from being manipulated by the Imperial Research Academy. While on the run from the Academy, Raine fell off of a boat and nearly drowned, leading to a severe case of aquaphobia. Raine and Genis were able to live in Iselia by pretending to be elves instead of half-elves. She raised Genis from childhood all by herself, and does not hesitate to employ corporal punishment to discipline him.

Raine is the complete opposite of Genis in cooking, and tends to make rather repulsive food. She takes comments about her cooking straight to heart and usually loses her temper. After the re-unification of the world, Raine and Genis set out to educate the world to eliminate the prejudice against half elves. She remains analytical in that she doesn't automatically believe in Lloyd's innocence concerning the Blood Purge. While she is still popular among the children of Iselia, she is replaced by a teacher from Tethe'alla, and some villagers still have trouble accepting her as a half-elf.

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