Kenren Taishou - Saiyuki Gaiden


Kenren is such a awesome character. I thought about cosplaying him in the past, but never thought I had the skills plus I was too young to pull it off. but now after watching the Gaiden OVA ( and having a big saiyuki and monkey marathon) I decided to give it a shot.

I really enjoyed cosplaying as Kenren, even if knowone really knew who I was. I'm still planning on remaking the coat out of leatherette at some point so that it matches the gloves and looks more accurate. but for now, I'm happy enough with the coat I have. I planning to wear this again at some point, but in warmer weather so that I can be a bit more accurate and be shirtless. it was a bit too cold in mid winter to go taping back boobs and not having a shirt.

I'm hoping to get a bigger group so that we can take some better photos in better locations.

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Order Wig
buy material
Make coat
skull and chains
fingerless gloves
Belt and buckle

Total cost: £0.00

1st October 2011


Yay! my wig came today. Finally I can start to see what it looks like together. Sorry for the dogged looking picture. I don't have base make up on, only eyeliner to do a quick test because I had to go to work so I didn't want to have to wipe it all off. The coat has all been hand sewn due to the fact that the PC I am currently using is where the sewing machine use to be, so the bias looks crappy up close because of me not being able to sew in a straight and neat line. The white shoulder armour is made from foam board which I am going to cover in material to make it look a bit more accurate, and I still have to add the belts and the patches, but I'm basicly finished now. I just have to style the wig when I get there and sort out some props.

23rd September 2011

No wig!

My wig still hasn't arrived. It really should,ve by now. Oh well I still have till november. I've now bought a skin colour shirt to go with my costume since I am gonna be wearing it in the winter. I thought for now, instead of taping my boobs back I would want to be warm and go for a t-shirt instead. It also means that I wont have the cold chains touching my naked chest and making me even more cold. I've got the bias. it's called autumn yellow or something for if i need anymore, but since I bought 12 meters I think I should be fine. Now all i need is some free time to actually finish all the sewing and I can get to wokr on props.

19th September 2011

Started on the coat

I'm using the same pattern I used for Jin Kisaragi, but It was too short for Kenren, so I had to buy some tracing sheet to extend the pattern down. I still need to cut out the sleves and collar and actually sew the thing, but before I go on I have to go to get some Bias to go round the edge of the coat. My wig should have arrived by now. I just have to go pick it up when I get the chance. I think I ended up buying too much material since I have Loads left over, so I'm gonna use it for another costume. I'm glad I decided to make the coat out of a cheap fabric before I made it in leather though.

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