Liang Qi - CANAAN

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I've been watching this series recently since it was recommended to me and I just love Liang Qi, from her character design to her personality. I do like the crazy ones XD Hopefully I shall get myself an Alphard to obsess over when I get to do this cosplay :D


OrangeLightning posted on 17 September, 2011 - 10:24
Yay! A cosplay of the crazy lady!! I'm sure it will look lovely on you after the measuring we had better! I will be Alphard for you...someday ^^;;

Sephirayne posted on 29 September, 2011 - 11:43
The dress looks fantastic.

- posted on 29 September, 2011 - 18:27
Love the dress! you've got more guts than me! i had to wear tights under mind becuase of the damn dress being too short :'[ <3 Looks brilliant on you

Ranma1-2 posted on 29 September, 2011 - 22:31
Love the styling of this costume. It does look good on you too. :)

JustPeachy posted on 30 September, 2011 - 11:08
Thanks so much you guys! :D

Progress Journal

29th September 2011

Woop Dress!

My dress came in the post today, I love it! It's quite short but ah well, its accurate there at least XD

15th September 2011


I got the dress commissioned for my birthday, I can't wait to see it :D