Aang (Fire Nation) - Avatar: The Last Airbender


Ayacon 2011




More fun and dicking about at Ayacon with a most excellent group of friends 8D This cosplay was the simplest one I had to make for Ayacon (aside from the one that was already made!) so it was a pleasure to be in it and not really have to worry about fiddly bits and things falling off etc. Though I may take it in a bit and add a vent if we do it again because it ended up ballooning at the stomach a lot (I did many stupid poses...)

I found it very hard to be serious in this cosplay and I think I got a total of about three serious shots of me in it o_o


Felixize posted on 29 April, 2012 - 15:07
I have no idea why I haven't commented on this yet!! You looked amazing and I had like the most fun ever at Ame with you guys! I really hope we can coslay together sometime <3