Alicia Melchiott
Valkyria Chronicles

Cosplayer: otakugirl

Variant: game version

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th March 2012: Sunshine Taking advantage of the sunshine I sat out in the garden all afternoon at the garden table and painted EVERYTHING that needed painting, i'm knackered but i am well proud of myself. Just a bit to do with the pen and then i will have finished everything!! YAY!

14th March 2012: So... still havent tried everything on together. Gonna do a photoshoot next week, health depending lol

8th March 2012: WIG! OMG my wig arrived today, I am so happy with it, it feels so real! I wish i could wear it all the time, its so pretty. Love it <3

26th February 2012: Wig ordered! omg just ordered my wig! Can't wait am so excited! Wanna run around in circles screaming lol :P

21st February 2012: hit a blockade well i started on my paper mache pieces for my costume, but ive hit a bit of a snag....ive run out of money!!! My wig will be ordered on friday this week but ive still got no money to get the small (but essential) bits to just finish off my cosplay...getting a little frustrated knowing the main bulk of the costume is finished but it wont b complete until i get the small things.

my sis loved her fabric, shes already turned it into her costume (well shes in the process of doing so)

so for now stuck in limbo :(

1st February 2012: Progress....... Well I still havent got around to doing any of my paper mache for this costume which kinda sucks but im kinda feeling lazy towards that part of the costume atm.

I got some more fabric today which meant i could make another essential item for this cosplay which is now done and i tried to make sure it would look ok :) Am really pleased with how it turned out. I now have that satisfying back ache that comes from hunching over your sewing machine all night making cosplay :P

Also while i was on my travels today i found the most perfect fabric for my lil sisters cosplay, its amazing...wish i could share it with y'all but i'm sworn to secrecy lol :P

24th January 2012: paper mache time been putting this off for a while....time to start me thinks

9th January 2012: paint and back ache :P Just started putting the first coat on my sisters prop. is looking good. but now comes the back ache and the headaches from the paint lol :P

7th January 2012: well... Well I finished most of my may costume. Which kinda sucks coz I'm a lil bored but gonna help with my sisters props. Done the main body of the costume etc just got a few finishing touches to do to it before its expo ready. Am really excited about this one. Can feel its gonna be a hit with peeps.

When I've got a bit more money I'm gonna order my wig but for now I can take a little rest lol :P hopefully this will be my first entry ever to the masquerade.

3rd November 2011: :D soooooooooo much paint!

23rd October 2011: Time for more props I finsihed my main prop to carry around and upon studying the ref pictures in more detail i see that i need to make some more props so when i get home today i need to make those. more paper mache needed, time for the glue headaches lol

12th October 2011: So much glue :) Just started building my prop for this costume 2 days ago. Put another layer of paper mache on it yesterday and now its dry im gonna start assembling it today. Once thats done its time to paint. Just bought the paint so am ready to go

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 1st February 2012
i wanna know what it is lol

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 1st June 2012
i love this XD

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 1st June 2012
I wish I'd seen this! I adore Valkyria Chronicles! Looks like you did an epic job as Alicia! :D

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 7th September 2012
thank you for the comment XD i love your costume i have restarted for the 3r time but i cant make the stupid collar any tips ?