Ganta Igarashi - Deadman Wonderland

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TBH he was my first choice with Yoh when I started getting in to the manga. Lawl I really do go and Cosplay everything with the same voice actor? another form Paku Romi.

EDIT: Well everything in the air right now; I really want to get current cosplay plans moved. So Ganta is a possibility for Summertime.

White Tigress posted on 15 February, 2012 - 20:32
Oh my gosh I love Ganta :D Hope to see this soon!

27th August 2012

Whelp its pushed back.

Ahhh I haven't touched this since Spring/ I was planning this for Oct expo 2012...but it'll need to be pushed back in to 2013 ;___; I might get the suit finished at some point at the other bits & bobs.

19th June 2012

That wig?

I know I bought, cut & styled that wig I just haven't touched it...for like months? I'll need to find it & most likely mend it. Getting DMWL plans in to action I've decided to buy a boiler suit as the base, instead of trying/failing to make one from scratch, after saying I wasn't planning on making much new things for Amecon... things changed fast.

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