Ai Hayakawa - Final Fantasy Unlimited


AmeCon 2004


Wooo, wig failure and shiny satin doom.

This started out as a pink polo neck I dyed pink, then sewed red ribbon to. I knew of bias tape at the time, and even used it on my first costume...but I think the shiny satin must have captured me. Is it a law everyone has to have an inappropriately shiny costume of fail?

The rest of the shiny fail was white/pink fabric from an old pair of pyjamas for the legwarmers and sailor collar. I bought a red skirt on ebay and did my best to sew ribbon on and create the design. It was a pain to get it all neat a parallel, plus figure out the measurements so it would match up all the way round.

The hair was way beyond my wig styling skills at the time (possibly even now), so I had a pathetic unstyled wig.

I do love my shoes though, and their pom-poms, and I love my Pochepoke, even although I didn't make a real bag version - it's simple fur fabric stuffed with cotton wool.

This is another old costume I'd consider redoing because it's cute, simple, comfy and fun to wear. My shoes, top and Pochepoke are salvageable, and the rest won't be too hard to remake

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