Olivier Armstrong - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood




Hey cosplayers!! This is my first entry on here and after seeing how well my friend Gemgem-chan documented her courtesan (Fiora Cavassana)cosplay, I wanted to do the same. Ive cosplayed at Tsunade from Naruto for a few years running now and wanted to commemorate the awesome Full metal Alchemist brotherhood by cosplaying as one of the characters from there. Olivier Armstrong fit the bill.
a) Ive always wanted to make a crack at making a state alchemist uniform
b) Im blonde, tall and curvy... could potentially pull off Olivier
c) the character is fricken awesome!!! Shes sooo cooooollll!!!

So far I have most of the stuff I need. Ive already made the trousers but just need the zip sewn in and down the side of the legs. I havent made my mind up as to wether I want them puffy or skinny yet. What do you guys think?

Ive cut out the shapes for the arms, back and front of the jacket in the blue fabric (getting the front bit was hard because of the side opening and also had to take the length up to the right height. Ive made the arms 8" longer than they should be so that I can up turn them like they should be. Im yet to work out how to do the collar.

I have lots and lots of interfacing for the half skirt/butt flaps thingy the state alcemists wear around their waists.

I also have an array of buttons, thread, bias tape and gold rope.

Things left to get :
1.black half calf boots
2.2 rectangular/square silver button
3.small gold star
4.make collar
5. make sword
6. and if I have time...and money Im going to make a crack at the coat she wears
7. Long blonde hair extensions. The shop I wanna buy them from can do 24" long ones (made of real human hair) so i can curl the ends.


whiteraven666 posted on 19 August, 2011 - 22:14
Im a little worried the fabric is a little too dark -___- In the light its ok though. It should be passible. Tomorrow I shall up load more piccys and update how far ive got.

whiteraven666 posted on 29 August, 2011 - 20:30
Awwww man... Gutted nobody has left me any comments yet :( No...no no I shall not cry for I am ... dumroll*** General Olivier Armstrong of Fort Briggs where only the strongest survive!!! whatever lol Sorry for the mad momment there. Just an update. I have nearly completed the most ellaborate costume piece I have done yet. Phewwwww. This is making Gemmas cosplay look easy and straight forward!! Its really looking like a state alchemists uniform which im so pleased about. Im looking forward to starting the shirt/but flap thing.

Gemgemchan posted on 29 August, 2011 - 22:11
looking good kel!is it lighter in the light? looks almost black

whiteraven666 posted on 29 August, 2011 - 22:30
Thankyou Gemmaxx It is defo lighter in the light. Half of my bathroom lights are out so twas very dark LOL

Ryzy-San posted on 29 August, 2011 - 23:37
Looking pretty good so far.