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The Avengers

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Kapow 2012

1st April 2012: Shield Brackets So I've spent ages trying to figure out how to put together the back of the shield using authentic materials. Got the leather belts in hand to make the straps, but couldn't for the life of me work the aluminium to what I wanted. After doing some digging, I found someone willing to sell me a premade set! And they look fantastic. I'm waiting for them to arrive, then I'll assemble them, along with the straps, and use JB Weld to attach it all to the back of the shield.

I've still gotta give my paintjob a coat of sealer, but when that's all done, the shield will be complete! It's one of the most important parts of the suit, and a really cool prop to display, so I wanna be sure the whole thing is perfect at every stage. :P

22nd February 2012: The Gauntlets - WIP I custom ordered a pair of these ages ago from a cheap Chinese cosplay website.Sent em plenty of reference but they still got em wrong. But the base was usable and I figured I could still use them if I modded the hell out of them. So far it looks like I was right, lol.

I used my sewing machine to add a few extra details to the armour piece, including the ribbing by the wrist, and replaced the cheap elastic straps with nylon webbing. I still have to add the closures, which is why i'm holding it on in this pic.

I also took a pair of Oakley SI Tactical gloves (same model used for Cap's boots), and hacked them up with the cheap gloves the Chinese guys made. I'll need to reinforce the seam, add a zipper to tighten the sleeve, paint the Oakley glove red, and attach blue suede for the palm detail.... but then it's good to go! :D

29th November 2011: Shield Painting After doing some homework on the subject, via the ever-so-helpful RPF boards, I've learned the best metallic red spray paint for the shield is in VHT's anodized range. So I've ordered that, as well as the blue just to test it out on some scrap. Apparently Krylon do the best shade of blue for the centre disc, but I'll try out the anodized spray and see how it goes. I'll also need to buff out the paint a little,

I'm told, as it's hard to work with and often applies kinda unevenly, but it does give the nicest metallic sheen, and you'll still be able to see the spun aluminium underneath.

After all that I'll hit it with a clear coat varnish, to seal and protect the paint. Then I can attach the star with JB weld, and move on to making the strap system on the back. :P

14th November 2011: Shield Straps Just ordered the metal and leather pieces I'll need to assemble the back section of my shield. Hopefully it'll still work rather robustly and look close enough to the real deal to keep me happy. :)

15th October 2011: Shield Ordered Ok, so I now have a 26" aluminium shield on the way. :)

28th September 2011: Chest Star May have sourced a potential chest star for my suit. It's made by a fantastic SCF-member who goes by the alias Bamabat. The best part is it's made of flexible urethane, so I won't have to worry about snapping a thin plastic or resin star, but will still hold it's shape wonderfully.

22nd September 2011: Figuring Out The Pattern So that I can better understand how to put this costume together, I studied as much reference as I could get my paws on, and put this sketch together. It shows all the individual panels of the shirt, and what colour each piece should be. As well as having detailed information about construction and stuff.

18th September 2011: The Vibranium Shield I've spent a couple days looking into my options for a metal shield for this costume. I've asked various UK-based metal spinners for quotes, but none of them seem to go as large as what I need. So now I'm forced to look at American vendors, or possibly self-construction.

I could buy a few metal sledge disks, which would be large enough, but flimsy so would need either reinforcement or multiple disks layered up. I'm not confident with metal work either, as I've not really got the tools, space or experience for it.

My other option is to buy a blank from a specialist, then paint it up myself. I'm highly considering splashing out the cash to buy a full aluminium spun shield, which would be light but durable, and very very cool. Something like that would really help make a suit like this shine. I'd then just be tasked with painting it up, and possibly making my own leather straps. It just comes down to whether I can justify the cost.

13th September 2011: Gloves and Boot Tops Ordered I've just placed an order with a Chinese costuming website (one I've used before for Hellboy gear) for the gloves and boot tops for Captain America. The boot tops will get glued down to the Oakley boots, and will have EVA foam under the leatherette, so should hold shape very nicely.

11th September 2011: Effort for Accuracy I've just ordered the boot bases that will become the boots for my suit. The soles are IDENTICAL and I think this is the kinda boot they used for the actual movie. They cost a lil bit, but it'll be worth it to have a screen accurate costume. I'm also in the middle of getting a quote for the boot tops and gloves from a chinese costume website.

I'm also talking to a guy about making a helmet based off reference pics, and waiting to hear back from a couple metal spinner companies about getting a custom shield base made out of real metal!

19th August 2011: Fabric Ordered I've put an order in for this blue jersey fabric, it's got a really nice subtle looking texture. I just hope it's not TOO subtle. But for the price I paid, I won't be disappointed if it's not what I expect. I've ordered some matching fabric in white too.

The plan is to dye cuttings of the white to the dark red, instead of buying red fabric which will need to be dyed anyway. And some of the blue will be dyed too, to match the very subtle variations of blue that are on the actual suit. What I'll probably do is cut, hem and pin all the individual panels in place first, that way I can check the design before dying anything. THEN I can separate the panels, and dye them in batches.

I'll be starting properly on this costume around or after Oct Expo 2011, but doesn't hurt to have the materials and gameplan ahead of schedule :P

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Froggycompany - 17th August 2011
america!! fuck yea!

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FuriePhoenix - 17th August 2011
*approves* LOL Gonna be epic like all your costumes!

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FairyPorchQueen - 20th August 2011
Yupp this is pretty sexy :D

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naurarwen - 20th August 2011
The fabric looks really awesome can't wait to see the progress of this.

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Wyrdsister - 19th September 2011
That costume is gonna rock!

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ryaoki - 20th October 2011
That shield is epic, who are you commisioning it off!

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ElegantAura - 2nd December 2011
Amazing! Can't wait to see this and that Shield is on the road to perfection!

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 3rd December 2011
shield looking great

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Wyrdsister - 5th December 2011
I love your shield :P

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digibrute - 11th December 2011
wow this looks incredible! 8D

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Anonymous - 17th December 2011
epic Effort!

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Starbucks dad - 28th December 2011
Good grief! Seriously impressive - so looking forward to seeing this.

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Ranma1-2 - 7th January 2012
Putting your pieces together nicely. I just know this is gonna rock!

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otakugirl - 1st February 2012
This is so awesome!!

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Louscious - 19th February 2012
so so excited to see the final costume! everything so far looks fab!! :D

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Kata-san - 22nd February 2012
You've done an awesome job on that Shield! Can't wait to see the finished article!

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Anonymous - 4th May 2012
you are truly amazing! I too am preparing the same cosplay for Lucca '12 ... but I'm just at the beginning. if you can give me a hand and some advice I would be really grateful. here is my e-mail:

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Starbucks dad - 20th May 2012
It came out really well and looked superb! Good to see you again.

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Sephirayne - 12th September 2012
Progress is looking epic. Looking forward to seeing this finished.