Fran - FFXII


AmeCon 2006




Originally made for Ame 2006 masquerade, the bodice was rebuilt for Minami 13 six months later.

The original bodice was made of dress leather, then later out of something more elastic. It was modeled on a swiming costume and covered in latex to make it more rigid and armour like. the remade version had a chain amour piece made out of a wastepaper basket attached, but it didn't stay on very well. There is bra sewn in and a pair of elastic straps to hold it in place. It does up at the back with the bra fastening. The details are picked out in silver thread on the new bodice.

The jacket is made of dress leather, edged with red binding that I had to hand sew on.

The leg and arm pieces are made from leatherette, with string and washers used to pick out the raised designs. Each piece was coated in several layers if coloured latex, and then details were picked out with paint afterwards. They are held in place using leather buckles from a sewing shop. The knee and elbow guards are made in a similar fashion, using high density foam.
The first time I wore the costume, it was over a pair of tights, with the leg armours sewn on at the last minute. The second time it was on a pair of holdups, with the pieces stuck on a little. However, in both cases they fall down too quickly, so I need to find a way to get them to stay on better.

Fran's head piece combines a white wig, latex overcast helmet and ears, all attached together. The helmet was overcast onto a lightshade which happened to be the right size as my head, the embossed effect was created with string and fimo pieces under the latex. The ears are made from a 500ml drink bottle cut to shape, and covered in foam. The ears are painted black at the tips.

Fran's shoes are made from a pair of sandles, covered in latex to amke them the same colour and with the claws made from fimo, then covered in latex.

This is probably my most favourite and hated costume at the same time. It was so hard to make, falls apart really quickly and takes an age to get on, but I get so much respect from wearing it it makes it worth while.


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