Sookie Stackhouse (Vampire Bait) - True blood





This is my version of Sookie's "Vampire Bait" red & white dress she wears the first time she goes to Fangtasia in Season 1.

The actual dress was made by Audrey Fisher for the show, so can't be bought anywhere.... so I had to make my own.

I sourced the fabric with closest pattern I could find (had to get it shipped in from America) and bought a halter dress pattern - which had to be amended to add in the bodice like Sookie's.

Luckily mum has an A level in dressmaking, so was a massive help with this project. She made most of it, though I was responsible for working out how to do the bodice bit [ended up sewing fabric to a strapless bra, then attaching it to the rest of the dress]

So so happy with it.

Wore it for the first time at Bitten 2 - True Blood convention in Northampton earlier this month.


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