Aurora (Briar Rose) - Sleeping Beauty / Disney


Doki Doki 2011




I've decided I'm going to make this using bits and pieces I'm buying seperatly, i.e. a corset, blouse and skirt, as opposed to making it from scratch. I don't know if this will affect me entering competions with it!

EDIT- I entered the cosplay competiton at Doki Doki, I didn't win or anything, and only one person said they understood what my costume was, but I still love it! My housemates think its great!


rosieroo posted on 15 August, 2011 - 09:22
oooooooooooooooooh aurora - yay - DISNEY POWER

Siouxsie James posted on 27 June, 2012 - 22:51
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sleeping Beauty in Domino's??? hahahaha ;) jokes!

ClosetFanGirl posted on 1 July, 2012 - 21:23
We were in Domino's and I decided I needed a picture, and I needed to take it THEN!

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15th September 2011

The buying frenzy begins

Yesterday, because I have money in my pay pal account I decided to start buying things for this costume, I've bought a corset, which is coming from HongKong so is going to take quite a while, and I'm currently bidding on a wig. I hope I win!

I had a really hard time finding a corset that didn't look like underwear, when it comes I will be VERY happy!!!