Roxas (Organisation XIII cloak) - kingdom hearts




Oh god.
Working with PVC was the worst and most difficult part of this. It's a bitch, I can't deny it. (and I recommend for any doing it that they use extra strength thread, a leather needle and have all the patience in the world.)
I was given the giant zip by a friend, bought the fabric from Fabric Land, and was given the wood for the keyblades for free since they were scraps from Homebase. The spray paint was Belton, and the chain for the oblivion blade came from B&Q. The wig was Ebay, and I styled it using Got2B Glued gel and spray (it may be expensive, but it's a freaking God when it comes to spiking up wigs).
I decided to make it because last christmas my friend bought me KH2 (I know, I'm coming in very late for the fandom of that game, though I played KH1 yeaaars ago and loved it), and I found myself growing very attatched to Roxas. I just enjoyed playing him, and the idea of making a massive PVC trench coat seemed a very appealing idea at the time. (though thinking about it now, I was insane. So much PVC. So much. *melts*)

Wearing it at MCM was fun, quite a few people seemed really enthusiastic about the keyblades, though I discovered that PVC trousers don't work as they stretch ridiculously in heat. Not the best thing ever.
My favourite time wearing the costume was definitely at a photoshoot with a good friend of mine; we went all over London and got some really fabulous shots and had a brilliant time <3


TheCakeIsGone posted on 12 August, 2011 - 20:07

Darkiekun posted on 12 August, 2011 - 20:18
Its you from London Comic Con in Feb! *pokes* Ish the Sora who had photos with you! *points to the photo of us in my photos* 8D awesome Roxas 8D

rosieroo posted on 12 August, 2011 - 20:23
these are awesome photosn - rozas is a adorable character - i love this cosplay

MonsterTeacup posted on 16 August, 2011 - 08:56
@ben: friended dewd. @Darkie: omg! it is indeed xDD and thank you :D @rosieroo: thank you! ^^ (sorry for slow replies, I had that whole no comments allowed for 72 hours after making an account thing... >.o)

gbow posted on 7 September, 2011 - 23:40
The photos look great :)