Road Kamelot - D.Gray-man




This was the first costume I ever created.The difficulty level was pretty low and the only item of the costume that I altered in any way (The shirt) was fairly simple. The effect was achieved by cutting jagged edges in to a normal white shirt, cutting of the collar and sewing runs of lace going down from the kneck line.
The outfit consists of a plain black wig (bought off of Amazon for £5) An altered school shirt, a length of red ribbon for a knecktie, a plain black school skirt, knee length pink/black socks and grey tights to give the appearance of grey skin. This effect was continued on my arms and face with grey face paint.
I created a prop (Leero) by shaping a pumpkin out of clay, painting it orange and fastening it to the tip of an umbrella with super glue. Overall a pretty simple costume for a beginner.


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