Zidane Tribal - FFIX




Zidane is probably my favourite FF lead charecter, and the game is under represented by cosplayers. This is also my first cross-play.

I made all parts of this costume, apart from the shoes, which are modified with leatherette. They're supposed to have boot tops, but I just couldn't get it to look right.

The trousers are blue polycotton, patterned from an old pair of jeans. The tail is made from high quality fur, left over from Bonta-kun. The shape is held with pillow stuffing and a piece of pipelaggging. I split the rear seam, inserted the tail and stiched in place to make it appear the tail comes out of the small of my back. It's quite heavy, which pulls down the trousers a bit.

The shirt is made from t-shirt fabric, and isn't really long enough. I didn't have much, so it's much tighter than I meant to make it (Zidane shows off my breast more than some of my female costumes!). The ruffles are made from folded lace and a piece of ribbon stitched in place.

The waistcoat is from a piece of blue fabric I had left over from another project and the details are done with leatherette and thonging. Each piece of thong is cut short enough to just tuck through, so it appears like continuous stitching. The whole thing it held on with gluegun glue. Unfortunate the arm holes on the waistcoat are a bit small, so it rubbed and the leatherette kept coming off.

The cuffs are made from the same fabric as the waistcoat, around a bit of padding to make them stand out more and edged with lace. The gloves were bought not made.


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