Cloud Strife (Dissidia) - final fantasy




I loved my Buster Sword. Good old Terrance :D

And as some of my other costumes, Cloud is also in line for a upgrade and to actually be finished. Considering most of the general putting together was done at 3 in the morning and then 5 minutes before I was due to be picked up for Expo, he did hold up well :P

Wig: I did really like my wig, I really wanted to get that main iconic spike right. In the end the spaike is actually a cone of paper covered in extensions and sewn to the wig then intergrated with the wig itself. However the rest of the wig needs redoing, I am also thinking of sewing a load of wefts in order to bulk up the wig and make the spikes fuller.

Trousers- There was a massive hole in the front of the crotch area. Zip wasn't long enough. You could see my underwear. I think that upgrade speaks for itself :) Oh and the bottoms of the legs needed to be hemmed and cuffed.

Top- It wasn't fitted right and was too bagggggggy.

Gloves: The one that I had needs to be finished and I need to make the other one as well as the arm fabric.

Armour: I was REALLY proud of my armour as it was the first time that I had worked with craft foam or amour for that matter. In the end the pauldron wouldn't attach on and for the whole day it just sat on my shoulder :D

Buster Sword: Nope. He is awesome anough as his is XD


Manticore posted on 16 November, 2011 - 02:21
I remember the good Old times! You were awesome as Cloud lovey