Russia - Hetalia Axis Powers




I can say that Hetalia is and will always be my favourite fandom... but not the fans... they can get ...quite wild. I get so into the story and comics its unbelievable and I think that the characters and overall Hetalia is awesome. So I was really excited when I did this cosplay, my lovely mates even joined me. Again Russia is one of my favourite characters. And I can't really say any more here except how much I enjoy Hetalia and how much I enjoyed wearing this cosplay.

EDIT: At some point in the future, I planning to do a complete remake of Russia and retire this one. To honest I was never really happy with it, the only thing I liked was the wig and boots XD. It was one of the eariler costumes that I made when I started getting into cosplay. The inside looks awful and certain parts didn't really fit that well, also at the time there were certain techniques and such that I hadn't tried before or didn't know about. Really the whole coat is a bit of a mess, and the way it is held close is really PANTS to :D I'm still cool with wearing it, but I really would like to redo it completely at some point.


JustPeachy posted on 8 August, 2011 - 21:11
Brilliant Russia! You look so awesome :D

Britlander posted on 8 August, 2011 - 21:14
Thank you!! XD