C.C. (mutuality artbook: red dress) - Code Geass





It is the most difficult costume I've ever made...
The most time took laces ;__; I cutted it myself with scissors. I don't like when people make those laces with other fabric or others strange methods...
I tried my best to make it look GOOD on me and my bust but well... Some people make one butterfly on her bust but after looking on art I spotted that she has two butterflies for sure. I think it would look better with one but well ... reference is reference.

The thing I love the most in this costume is headdress (pin with butterfly and flowers) and train on the back.

Wearing this costume isn't comfortable... the dress is reallt fragile becouse of all those laces. All the time I have to be watchful because it's easy to destroy all this work...

And I am not so happy with the result.. ;__; I thought it would look MUCH better, the thing that is made best is headdress for sure. I also think that skirt looks ok but I don't like the blouse (maybe becouse I look so fat in this costume T^T)


No thanks posted on 8 August, 2011 - 18:59
oh WOW how do you do all the patterns in the dress?

Raine posted on 8 August, 2011 - 19:08
The dress and jewelry look so pretty!~

Telly posted on 16 August, 2011 - 14:32
This is gorgeous!

InfiniteJester posted on 29 October, 2012 - 08:32
Looks lovely!

nanahara posted on 29 October, 2012 - 18:31
stunning XD you look so beautiful as C.C

Sephirayne posted on 22 February, 2013 - 14:58
Absolutely stunning. I love the headress and the photos.