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Ayacon 2011




This was the latest edition in my series of shitty guro cosplays. It was kind of a last minute thing, since I didn't have a job until a few months before the con. It was literally the most uncomfortable thing to wear ever, because the fake blood was so sticky! I made it out of chocolate syrup, lol. I enjoyed scaring people with my intestines, and the baby in a blender. (which I left in a bin in my room, because sadly it would have ruined my other cosplay and my clothes...) I was quite pleased with how it turned out, though the skirt was a little short, and the binder that I was using to hold my intestines in kept slipping down. The intestines were... Interesting, being that I made them from kitchen towel and liquid latex. It was my first time using that latter, and it's definitely something I would use again in future cosplays.


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