Cosplayer: MissMagick

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AyaCon 2013

22nd May 2013: Tokijin Progress Technically started Tokijin last Christmas time but wasn't able to get too much done. I'm back at my parents home for a few weeks so have been working on Tokijin and Tenseiga :) Tokijin just needs spray painting now and then material added to the handle but I've still got a lot left to do for Tenseiga as well as making the saya for it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making swords since the last one was 2 years ago! Having funsies with them :3

19th December 2012: Armour Progress Okay so it's the Christmas holidays now so I should be starting Sesshys armour... but I'm being a wuss and haven't started yet cause I'm scared to muck it all up haha! Might start on Tokijin to get me into the mood and frame of mind for starting the armour. So no progress thus far except that I have all the materials (just need to get silver spraypaint and detailings like the red tassels).

23rd October 2012: Finally Starting Him ^^ After much diliberation over how I was going to do Sesshys armour I have ordered some Worbla and am planning on having a go at using that. Hopefully successfully! xD I won't be starting that until the christmas holidays though since I don't want to be distracred with other things I have to do. I have however, also ordered some long pile fur fabric for his Mokomoko so will be able to atleast start something! :D

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Keshi - 1st April 2013
WOOT WOOT :P our group is gonna pwn hard like