Ryne (Vukodlak) - Original Character





Dream costume <3
One of my original species, the Vukodlak, which is a cross between a vampire and a werewolf (a bat and a wolf).
This costume would be the most technically advanced one I've made so far. He will feature a moving jaw, moving wings, glowing eyes, digitigrade stilts, and thick padding. I will try to make him as realistic as possible. All soft parts i.e. nose, tongue, will be cast from silicone, and all hard parts i.e. teeth, claws, will be cast from resin.
I would love to have him done for May Expo 2012, as that will be my last Expo before uni and I want a special costume that I can wear for years to come <3


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Progress Journal

29th August 2011

Wing System

Wing system is finished :) They open and close so smoothly. They're made from PVC oval ducting, which makes them nice and light but still sturdy. Overall I'd say they weigh 2-3 kg. The total wingspan is well over 14 feet, and they're opened by simply pulling on strings. Now to figure out how to cover them without hindering the movement too much...